Do you want to sell your house in Tuscon? If you are thinking about listing, it’s important that you know what you are getting into. For many home sellers, listing their property is a rude awakening. The house may not be worth what you think it is. There may not be a large pool of buyers, or you may have to deal with a long list of expenses upfront.

There May Be More Repairs Needed than You Think

When listing a house with a real estate agent in Tuscon, there will typically be a few repairs made before putting the house on the market. These repairs can add up quickly, making the owner even more ready to get the house sold. However, Don’t expect that you’re scot-free; more often than not, a potential buyer will have the house inspected and appraised on their own. With a new set of eyes inspecting the house, they may find repairs that were missed, which may affect the price point at which they are willing to close the deal.  If repairs are required, you may need to shoulder them as this may be standard practice. Otherwise, you will have to lower the price to make the sale. So when all is said and done, you may be facing repair bills before listing the house and then again after you have found a buyer and the inspection has been completed.

Your Marketing Costs May Not Be Included

When you work with a real estate agent in Tuscon, you’ll need to know exactly what you are getting. Some agents list and wait, while others are full-service, pulling out all of the stops. If you decide to list your house in Tuscon, look for a premium agent or be prepared to pay for some of the marketing yourself. Professional photography, staging, signage, premium ads, and open houses aren’t always included. Many sellers will end up paying for these services themselves in order to sell the house in a reasonable amount of time.

Selling Timeframes Can Vary

When you list your house on the Tuscon MLS, there is no way of knowing when the house will close. Regardless of whether or not it’It could be days, weeks, or months even if the home is located in a sought-after community. There will even be times that even the hottest property takes a very long time to close, if it even closes at all. Listing a house in Tuscon can be very frustrating for homeowners who want to sell their houses quickly. The process itself takes time and if the price/conditions are not right. With a direct sale to Tuscon, you’ll know exactly when the closing will take place.

Sales Can Fall Through

Regardless of how much assurance the potential buyer provides, the deal falling through is still not off the table. There is a huge possibility that the buyer pulls out on the deal! This happens more than you might think due to low appraisals and required repairs. Buyers normally have set plans, priorities, and contingencies if the house does not reach their standards. You may still be able to sell if you lower your price, but after doing so much work to list it, many sellers aren’t willing to drop the price as much as the buyer would like them too.

Showings Can Happen Anytime

When listing your house, you may have to keep it open/available for a showing at any time. It may reflect poorly if you decide to deny the viewing of the house especially if it was in short notice. You’ll need to be prepared at all times, and your logistics need to be ready throughout the selling process. Especially in a highly sought-after area, this may occur more often than you think. Instead of having to make sure that you will always have time for these potential last-minute viewings, selling to a direct buyer may be your best bet.

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