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5 Tips for Selling a Rundown Property in Tucson

by May 11, 2020

Selling a fixer-upper in Tuscon can be stressful. You may wonder who will want a property when it needs so much work! But there is a market for fixer-uppers. However, you still have a chance to sell your property. Just follow our tips and getting your house in Tuscan sold will be a much easier process than you think!

1) Do the Basic Repairs

Your house doesn’t need to be in perfect shape to sell in Tuscan, but handling the little things will make your property more appealing. Potential buyers now have a shorter list of things they need to work on and can focus on the bigger picture. If the sink is broken, they might spend time thinking about how much a plumber costs instead of wondering about all the great things they can do with the property.

If your house needs a great deal of complicated work done, especially things that are immediately noticeable, buyers will attempt to negotiate to get the job done before they start moving in. Getting the little things done may just save you some time. Know your budget and limits!

2) Dress It Up

Significant repairs can be costly! Instead, you should highlight the best bits. If the front yard and door look good, it’s easier to imagine what the house will look like with a bit more work.

Has the property always looked this way? If you have past photos, it can help potential buyers when viewing the property to see what they could do to bring the property back to its former glory. Otherwise, you can work with an artist to come up with ideas on what the house could look like with some renovation.

One of the appeals of buying a fixer-upper is having a project to work. It’s your own customizable house. A house that needs much work is very appealing to some people. You just have to find those people.

3) Clear It Out

If your house is rundown, you may have to take care of some waste. Whether it’s old furniture or broken doors, clear it out and make way for the new. Let your house be a blank slate for buyers looking to put their mark onto the home. Put personal things away in storage and let the house speak for itself.

4) Is Listing Your House Quickly the Best Option?

If you’re not interested or don’t have the time to spare, listing your property might be the best option for you to sell it quickly. However, there’s no guarantee that your house will sell soon. You may not find the right buyer if your home listing posts too fast.

If you’re going to do a listing without much work done on a rundown house, then you’ll have to put work into the listing. Taking good photos and cleaning the house until it’s spotless are excellent steps to take to get the best listing possible and will get more people interested in the property.

5) Get a Cash Offer

Waiting to find the right buyer for a rundown house in Tuscon can take time. If you’re looking to sell your property for a reasonable price without the hassle of negotiation or repairs, then United Home Offer can help you.

Ready to get your rundown property sold? Contact us today. We buy all kinds of properties. Your fixer-upper could be next!