Have you ever walked into your home and felt tired of seeing the same space everyday? Are the expenses of your current home too much for you to handle? Does the house you’re currently living not fit the lifestyle you’re living? It may be time for you to consider selling your house and buying a new one! Here are a few signs that it might be the right time to sell your home.

No more space!

The home you currently live in may not be as sustainable a living space as you thought it could be. In terms of future planning, the home you are currently living in may not be appropriate for the changes you’ll be making in your life. May it be adopting 5 dogs, creating a home base for your budding business, or even just starting a family, space is a commodity that you will need. With more space, you’ll be able to have all of these things and continue to live a comfortable lifestyle! Upgrading to a bigger home may be your best option in order to accommodate all your plans.

Too much space!

There is also the possibility that your current abode is way too big for you. A bigger home brings in bigger bills, especially for repairs, maintenance, and utilities. What’s worse is that you are paying for things that you can easily avoid if you upgrade to a more comfortable and suitable home. A smaller space does not mean a downgrade! In fact, it may be the best investment for you now, especially if you’re still single and looking to cut down on expenses that you may already have.

The commute takes way too long.

Did you know that the average Dallasite spends around 59.4 hours on the road per year? That’s a lot of time spent on the road. Now imagine if your work is located in Dallas’ CBD and you live in the outer areas of the city. The hassle of having to wake up early to avoid rush hour and the grueling car-filled crawl you endure on the way home (especially with a 9 to 5 job) can take precious time off your hands.

The time you spend in traffic could easily be cut down (or even eliminated!) if you live much closer to where you need to be daily. That means you’ll have more time for yourself and what you need to do and you can avoid spending all that time in traffic! Less idle time, more me time.

You Could Profit

Have home values gone up since you first purchased your house? If you have the ability to sell for a considerable profit, you may want to think about talking to an agent or professional home buyer. While you’ll want to watch out for capital gains taxes if the profits are high, selling the house and coming out ahead can benefit you in a number of ways.

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