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The Worst Times to Sell Your Home in Dallas

by Apr 30, 2020

While the home values are on the rise in Dallas, that doesn’t mean you will see success all of the time when selling your home. But has the market cooled down, or are there other considerations in what may be impacting your home sales? The problem may not be the market. Instead, you’re likely selling your home at one of the worst times possible. The best time of the year to put your house up for sale in Dallas is July. But there are worst times to sell your home as well, which you can learn about by reading on.

During a Foreclosure

When you list your home during a foreclosure, this can be an incredibly risky time to sell your home. You won’t be able to guarantee that you can sell your house before your foreclosure date, meaning that your bank may be able to take back your house before you sell it. Unless you go with a cash buyer, you won’t have any guarantee that you can sell your home before the bank takes it. If your bank successfully forecloses on your home, you will not only lose the house, but your credit will take a massive hit.

If You Have Tenants

Tenants can make selling your home more complicated. It can be a good idea to wait until after the lease runs out before you sell your home. If this timing isn’t an option for you, you need to make your tenants aware of your intent to sell. This issue may not be receptive, but it is ideal if they aren’t around when you have an open house. You could also offer them incentives to leave or help them to relocate as well. Tenants are tricky things to work around, which is why it may just be best to sell your home for cash to a direct buyer.

Need to Move ASAP

Maybe you have a job opportunity, and you have to move to it quickly. You might have a family emergency that requires you to hurry to take care of it. You may need to move quickly for various reasons, but quick moves can be extremely challenging. Like the issues that come up with a foreclosure, you may not be able to sell your house fast enough, which may lead to you having to pay two mortgages. There’s no guarantee when you sell your home the traditional way, which is why you may need a cash buyer to sell your house quickly. 


Selling your home the traditional way may not be ideal if you find yourself in any of these situations. If you are selling your home in any of these situations, you may want to consider a quick sale with a cash buyer instead. It’s not impossible to sell your house in these cases, but sometimes it ends up not being worth the risk, especially when you are facing foreclosure. You do have options when it comes to selling your home.